Shalom Sadik is a senior lecturer in the mechanical engineering department at Ort Braude College. He holds a PhD from the Technion (2001). His current research focuses on heat transfer. In keeping with the focus on heat transfer, most of the courses he has been teaching in recent years are heat transfer courses.

Regarding publications, his research activity began with flow instability focused on jet’s atomization. Rayleigh basic model displayed the jet’s instability as leading to serial drops formation only. The Ph.D. thesis main goal was to build a physical model, which may display a jet atomization, not only to serial drops but also to peripheral drops. The first and second papers (papers no. 1 and 2) introduced this physical model. “Excellent” was the journal review appreciation for the first paper. The third paper (paper no. 3) was an accompanied product of the Ph.D. thesis main goal. As a continuation to the peripheral atomization model which was based on superimposed harmonic disturbances, the fourth paper (paper no. 4) showed a peripheral atomization model which was based on a Trochoidal disturbance. The next paper (paper no. 5) deals with oscillating flow and the following two papers (papers no. 6 and 7) deal with oscillating temperatures. The last paper (paper no.8) deals with boundary temperature oscillation to Poisseuille flow in order to build a physical model of the temperature distribution into the flow.

Fields of interest:

  • Physical models of heat waves
  • Micro fluids
  • Micro convection
  • Relativistic fluids
  • Examination of light as a
    model of fluid flow